Here our some of Perennial Gardens favorite plants that we commonly plant in our gardens. We use many of these plants on Long Beach Island so you can be assured that they are resistant to the salt air near the shore. Perennial Gardens will use our expertise to find the plants that will thrive in your property's unique conditions. All of our trees and shrubs are guaranteed for a year.

Trees: Leyland Cypress, Holly, Crape Myrtle, Olive, Fat Albert Blue Spruce, Cedar Atlas (Upright and Weeping), Robusta Juniper, Weeping Cherry, Dogwood, Plum

Perennials: Shasta Daisy, Black Eyed Susan, Salvia, Coreopsis, Coneflower, Lythrum, Lavender, Russian Sage, Catmint, Ice Plant, Cedum, Hosta, Painted Ferns, Daylilies, Hibiscus, Astilbe, Ferns

Shrubs: Hydrangea (multiple varieties of mopheads, lacecaps, and tree form), Crape Myrtle, Spirea, Andromeda, Holly, Boxwood, Barberry, Mongo Pine, Knockout Roses, Vitex, Lilac, Butterfly Bush

Grasses:Maiden Grass, Zebra Grass, Fountain Grass, Dwarf Fountain Grass, Purple Fountain Grass, Blue Oat Grass